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MyFoto is portrait photography company based in Lancashire. We specialises in children's Nursery School Photos and Family Portraits within locations such as Primary Schools.

We also take lots of great portraits of children's activities, hobbies and clubs such as dance schools, drama productions or sports teams and martial arts clubs.

School Photography

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MyFoto School Photography Services in Lancashire and Greater Manchester

MyFoto School Photography Service offers beautiful natural school portraits at fantastic value. We return high commissions to the school providing valuable extra funds whilst ensuring parents  are getting  the highest quality professional school photography at a great price.

During the day of the photo shoot we work quickly and professionally enabling us to cover an average sized primary school WITH class group photos by lunchtime. We do this while still engaging with the children in order to get their natural personality into the portrait.

If the school is a new customer we will always do a pre shoot planning visit and risk assessment to ensure there are no hitches on the day.

We offer two systems for school photography depending on your requirements

  • A Pre Printed Sale or Return Photo Pack (With Digital Add  On Pack) which offers exceptional value meaning all printed products can be delivered to parents in as little as one week from the day of the photo shoot. This is the most popular method and returns the highest commission to your school.
  • A Multi-Shot proof card system - enables two or more separate pictures to be displayed with the ability for the parent to choose the photo and the picture package.

Ensuring a smooth post shoot and delivery process.

Once we have taken care of the creative side of things on the day of the photo shoot, we then ensure that the delivery and process is as smooth and as organised as possible to minimise the use of school staff's valuable time. Our systems ensure photos are delivered on a class by class basis with a full reference and collecting system in place.

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