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Mill Lane
Chorley, England, PR7 5BW
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MyFoto is portrait photography company based in Lancashire. We specialises in children's Nursery School Photos and Family Portraits within locations such as Primary Schools.

We also take lots of great portraits of children's activities, hobbies and clubs such as dance schools, drama productions or sports teams and martial arts clubs.

Sports and Activities

Martial Arts

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We have the fastest strobes and range of light modifiers to create dramatic sports portraits.

Our martial arts photoshoots are popular with children, teenagers and adults alike, as we can set up in your club and provide top quality studio photography at fantastic prices.

We then give you the club owner a licence to use the photographs to advertise your club AND we pay commission on sales.

MARTIAL ARTS CLUBS read more HERE and find out how you can earn commission on our fantastic sports portraits.

Have a look at our MARTIAL ARTS GALLERY to see some examples of recent photoshoots in martial clubs like yours.


Children's Drama Clubs and Workshops



Children's Drama Clubs make for great photographs. We can attend your club with professional studio backdrops and light modifies and get great portraits of children doing what they love doing "being children!"

We can come to your club or workshop and and photograph your play or production and provide a fantastic record of this stage of your child's life.